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Power Sections

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          Downhole Extended-Reach Tool for Improving Drilling Performance

          Why ArcoPulse?

          Efficiency, Realized

          With the recent increase in unconventional shale drilling, many challenges follow as these wells typically include extended reach lateral sections. These challenges include, but are not limited to: low ROP, stick-slip, and poor WOB transfer along the drill string.

          Reliability, Accomplished

          The ArcoPulse utilizes a multi-lobe power section configuration and valve assembly to produce mixed mode oscillations, which act upon the drill-string downhole to reduce torque and drag. The valve assembly converts the energy available from the pumped fluid into a series of pressure pulses. These pulses activate the shock tool, which in turn creates axial motion that breaks static friction.

          Benefits, Designed

          • Proprietary elastomer is compatible with OBM and WBM
          • Proprietary design reduces wear on critical components by 50% or more
          • Increased ROP and improved weight transfer to bit
          • Designed to operate over wide flow rate range
          • Produces mixed mode oscillations, which help avoid resonance upon drill string
          • Does not interfere with MWD signals and/or other drill string components
          • Shock Tool excites vibrations

          Technical Specifications


          Tool Size (OD) Tool Length Weight Flow Rate Range Pulse Freq. Delta P Max Pull Connections Operating Temp
          5" 9ft 350lbs 150-350 GPM 6-15 Hz 500-600psi 480,000 lbs 3.5IF, TX39, CET43 up to 350°F
          6 3/4"
          Currently in Development

          Shock Tool

          Tool Size (OD) Tool Length Weight Connections Operating Temp
          5" 12.5ft 630lbs 3.5IF, TX39, CET43 up to 350°F
          6 3/4"
          Currently in Development

          Product Line Engineer: Andres Rubalcava
          Phone: 832-477-3666

          • Pressure Drop
          • Pulse Frequency